Meet Victoria

Meet Victoria

Founder and Director of Ninja Tots & Kids, Victoria Foote is also the mother of two school-aged children.

Victoria Foote

Victoria first came across Martial Arts during a PE lesson in 1991. A passion was sparked in that very first session and from then on Victoria was hooked. This led to her taking up Martial Arts training and in time led to competitive participation at regional, national and international level. Her impressive CV includes:

  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Commended as Best Female Black Belt in the UK in 1995.
  • Competed on the British team in 3 World Championships.
  • English and British Champions titles in the disciplines of sparring, patterns and breaking.
  • Competed for the United Kingdom and England in European and World Championships.
  • Competed in Tae Kwon Do Olympic Trials.

Having taken up Martial Arts in 1991, in 2002 Victoria became a professional instructor. She decided to channel her drive, enthusiasm and natural ninja talent into exploring how the wealth of skills that Martial Arts offers could be tailored to children and adults. Ninja Tots & Kids started as a single local class to become a growing concern across Gloucestershire and Wiltshire with Victoria's expertise being shared wider still.

Recent rebranding has seen the local classes being known as Cirencester SKILLZ, with Ninja Tots & Kids now being a national presence across the United Kingdom and beyond offering professional Martial Arts services.

Today, Victoria and her Ninja team have successfully taught thousands of children and adults aged 18 months and upwards.

Melody Johnson is known across the world as the Ninja Queen. With over 30 years of expertise in Martial Arts, she is the world leader in children's Martial Arts. She is also the creator and founder of SKILLZ worldwide, the authority in children's Martial Arts.

Melody has this to say about Victoria:

Victoria Foote is one of our most dedicated SKILLZ owners from over 1k locations in 28 countries. Her desire to grow her child development expertise is the reason why her students love her classes. She's changing lives in so many ways beyond the average coach or instructor can do and to me this is a quality that doesn't go unnoticed. Melody Johnson and Victoria Foote