Our Story

Our Story

The goal of Ninja Tots & Kids is to provide a professional Martial Arts service.

Our expertise comes from having inspired thousands of children through our Ninja Tots & Kids programme which recently rebranded as Cirencester SKILLZ.

This unique programme is an evolution of Martial Arts, fitness and educational training that targets age-specific needs in children, teens and adults.

We've taken the best parts of Martial Arts from a variety of styles and combined them into an action-packed curriculum that helps build skills that can be applied in every area of life. Children, teens and adults have a blast while learning valuable skills that enable them to be the best they can possibly be.

The syllabus was based on science and psychology research and is designed to improve physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.

Martial Arts classes benefit growing children in many real-life scenarios. Our structured classes develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength and hone valuable social skills. Positive encouragement brings out the best in everyone, helping them succeed at life.

As well as nurturing a love for the sport, feedback from parents has suggested that Ninja Tots & Kids has also had a positive effect on developing values such as discipline and respect.